EarthChem Communities

EarthChem strives to continuously align and optimize its data services in support of the evolving research needs and scientific priorities of its user community. 

EarthChem recognizes that its user community is diverse because the data that it hosts and curates span many research fields in the Earth, Ocean, and Environmental Sciences. Geochemical, petrological, mineralogical, and other related data are acquired for many different scientific purposes, by a large variety of methods, and on different sample types.

EarthChem offers users a way to group and build communities around specific data types or scientific themes to develop and promote data best practices and enhance access to data for a specific research community.

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Collection, Analysis and Correlation Recommendations for Tephra Studies


Raw (Replicate-Level) Clumped Isotope Data

Experimental Petrology

Trace Element Partitioning and Liquid-Solid Phase Equilibria Experiment Data


The Astromaterials Data Repository for Extraterrestrial Sample Data